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Partnership based full service comprehensive manco / CIS management solution

SA’s Trusted CIS management

RealFin is South Africa’s largest hedge fund CIS Management company in terms of assets under management and has earned the trust of its clients through unwavering commitment to delivering quality services. As a fund manager, you can confidently entrust your portfolios to RealFin, knowing that your funds are in capable hands.

Manco white labelling hosting

If you’re a fund manager seeking exceptional CIS management services, RealFin provides comprehensive manco solutions. As a leading independent CIS management company, we offer manco hosting and white labelling solutions and are one of the few manco companies offering hosting for both traditional CIS in securities, as well as hedge fund portfolios.

Taking care of business

Partnering with RealFin empowers you to focus on delivering market beating returns for investors whilst we take care of every other aspect of your fund, from administration to compliance.

  • Fund application and regulatory approval
  • Investor services / transfer agency
  • Investor AML/FICA
  • Fund valuation
  • Risk management of the underlying portfolio
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting


RealFin is renowned for our structuring skills and capabilities, with decades of experience in providing structured solutions for clients. We are proud to carry this heritage over into the CIS market, with a number of firsts for the SA CIS Hedge Fund Industry:

  • First multi-manager retail hedge fund – a solution that added alpha to investors through cost savings and improved fund management efficiency
  • First Sariah compliant hedge fund
  • First physical property hedge fund

Manco onboarding

To begin the manco hosting onboarding process we first strive to gain a thorough understanding of your fund’s investment objectives. Our team of expert compliance professionals will then assist you in navigating the unique regulatory requirements applicable to your fund, and ensure that your application package is complete and ready for submission to regulatory authorities. We will act as a liaison between you and the regulator, swiftly addressing any queries or concerns that may arise during the approval process.

After the fund has been approved, RealFin’s manco team will initiate the opening of prime broking/custody and fund bank accounts. Meanwhile, our client services team will onboard the initial investors, and the fund services division will set up the fund on our valuation system to prepare for launch.

To ensure a smooth launch, we assign an experienced senior team member to lead the onboarding process and oversee that all requirements are met.

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Manco Services and CIS Management
CIS management service investor performance

Manco Services

Our comprehensive manco hosting services take care of all aspects of your fund so that you can focus exclusively on fund management to achieve market-beating returns.

Investor onboarding

Our client services team will guide the investors through the investor application and onboarding process. The team will perform all the necessary anti-money laundering/FICA verification to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

Investor services/transfer agency

RealFin’s client services team handles the essential duties that free you to focus on building funds.

  • Processing of investor transactions
  • Investor reporting, including monthly statements, contract notes, distribution notes and annual tax certificates
  • Maintenance of investor registers
  • Handling of investor queries

Fund valuation

Our expert team takes care of all aspects of the valuation of the fund, including:

  • Reconciling bank accounts and securities holdings
  • Independent valuation of the fund securities
  • Calculation of fund fees and expenses
  • Processing of fund related payments

Risk management

RealFin’s risk management team ensures daily fund compliance with all portfolio investment restrictions and mandates. The team will engage with the fund manager to determine necessary corrective actions if a breach ever occurs. In addition, RealFin carries out timely submissions of all relevant risk management regulatory reports to the regulator.

Regulatory compliance

The compliance team ensures all regulatory reporting and submissions are made to the relevant regulatory authorities.

Manco Q&A

White labelling is where a fund manager wishes to manage a CIS portfolio in securities or hedge fund, but does not wish to or does not have the critical mass to run its own CIS Management Company. In that instance, a registered CIS Management Company will host the fund managers fund, as a co-named portfolio and be responsible for all aspects of the fund, other than fund management which is outsourced to the fund manager in question.

A super manco is a CIS management company that offers both CIS in Securities and CIS in hedge funds.

A CIS Management Company or manco, is a highly regulated entity in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act and is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. As a licensed entity it can manage CIS portfolios for investment by members of the public.