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Unlock time to build high-performing funds through bespoke fund administration services

Unlock time to focus on building high-performing funds with RealFin’s best-in-class fund administration services. Our team of specialist fund administrators will help you maximise your performance through our innovative solutions and personalised approach. RealFin stands out as the leading service provider in the investment industry with an unparalleled comprehensive service offering and expertise in bespoke structuring.

RealFin has been a trusted partner to some of SA’s leading asset fund managers for over a decade. Whether you’re a larger industry player or a smaller boutique fund manager, we’ll work with you to create a tailored solution that meets your unique needs. Choose RealFin and experience the difference of partnering with a truly exceptional fund administrator.

World-class fund administration service solutions

RealFin’s independent fund administration services are tailored to cater for the independent valuation and administration of a wide range of investment portfolios.

  • Traditional long only portfolios
  • Hedge funds with complex securities
  • Private equity, venture capital, trade finance, infrastructure and unlisted real estate funds
  • Segregated portfolios
  • Shadow NAV
  • Investor services and transfer agency

As a flexible fund administration company, we couple experienced teams with best-in-class software solutions to create admin solutions tailored to your needs.

Why RealFin?

RealFin’s independent administration solutions provide a range of benefits to fund managers and or investors.

Expertise and experience

Our teams offer a wealth of industry specific experience to ensure funds are accurately valued and compliant.


We utilise world class software solutions to automate processes and reduce the risk of error.

Investor Confidence

By being independent of the fund manager, investors gain higher confidence and trust that the fund is compliant and the reported values are accurate.

Focus on core competencies

By taking care of the fund valuation and administration, we free up fund managers to focus on investment strategy and fund management.

Fund administration onboarding

Understanding your fund’s unique needs is the first step towards building a successful partnership that generates market-beating returns. By understanding your fund’s specific needs, we can develop a tailored fund administration solution that achieves your objectives and surpasses your expectations.

One of our most experienced senior team members leads the onboarding process to ensure a seamless launch of the fund.

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Best Hedge fund administration services
Best Private Equity Fund Administration Services

Fund Administration Services

Long only and hedge fund administration services

Our experienced team cater for the administration of equity and fixed income hedge funds.

We utilise Fundamental Portfolio Manager valuation system for the independent valuation of complex securities.

As a flexible fund administration company, we cater for daily or monthly traded valuation of hedge funds.

We have the expertise to do complex performance fee calculations and equalisation.

Private equity fund administration services

A dedicated PE fund administration team spearheads our private equity fund administration service offering.

Each fund is assigned a team leader and a private equity fund administration specialist who provide a comprehensive end-to-end service covering all aspects of the process.

FIS Investran is a world class, private equity administration system which serves as the cornerstone of our private equity fund administration offering.

Investran offers online portal access for both investors and fund managers and caters for automation of investor draw downs, waterfall calculations and different fund structures.

Our private equity fund admin team, also specialise in providing administration solutions to:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Unlisted real estate funds
  • Credit/trade finance funds
  • Infrastructure funds

Segregated portfolio administration

We provide independent valuation and fund administration of segregated portfolios for institutional investors. The Fundamental Portfolio Management system allows for the stakeholders to have interactive online access to view the portfolio and for real time reporting.

Shadow NAV

Our shadow NAV service involves outsourcing a fund manager’s back office function to RealFin to recalculate a fund or segregated portfolios net asset value (NAV) to verify the official NAV.

Investor services and transfer agency

Our investor services and transfer agency offering ensures that a fund’s investors receive the highest level of care and service.

Our service offering includes:

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) and FICA verification services utilizing the DocFox system
  • Ongoing screening of individuals to ensure ongoing AML compliance
  • Investor reporting services, including statements, contract notes, distribution notices and tax certificates
  • Maintenance of investor registers
  • Processing of all investor transactions

Fund Admin FAQs

Fund managers can expect to gain several advantages by outsourcing fund administration services, including cost savings, access to advanced information systems, increased focus on core competencies and strategy, and the added benefit of independent oversight that a third-party administrator provides.

Cost savings

Generally it is cheaper to outsource fund administration services than to hire an in-house team.

Information systems

Third party administrators have the latest valuation systems and the economies of scale to make such systems cost effective.


By outsourcing administration, fund managers are able to focus on their core competencies and strategy.


Investors generally prefer the independent oversight that a third party administrator provides.

Technology plays a critical role in improving fund administration efficiencies by automating complex, highly-regulated processes, reducing errors in managing financial transactions and compliance documents.


Many fund administration processes are repetitive, and these can be automated to improve efficiencies.


Systems can improve accuracy through a reduction in human error.


Systems can provide online portals and other tools to improve access to reports and information.

Reporting and analytics

Systems can provide detailed, accurate and timely reports on fund valuation, compliance and risk management.


Systems can ensure that private and sensitive information is secure and protect against data breaches and other cyber risks.

Fund managers face a range of challenges when managing their funds, from regulatory compliance to operational efficiency. Partnering with a professional fund administration service can provide the necessary expertise and resources to address these challenges and free up time for fund managers to focus on achieving scalable growth.

Operational efficiency

An independent administrator can streamline operations and processes, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiencies


In a complex regulatory environment, fund administrators can assist fund managers in navigating regulations and thereby reduce the risk of non-compliance

Investor communication

Fund administrators have dedicated teams to communicate timeously and effectively with investors


Third party administrators offer the benefits of economies of scale and the ability to scale quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of fund managers