Partner with our dependable team of professional fund administrators and build more profitable funds

RealFin’s team of professional fund administrators provide dependable support that enhances investor confidence and allows fund managers to concentrate on developing more profitable funds. Take advantage of our collaborative partnership approach, while we handle the fund administration, risk management, and compliance.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established fund manager, our team of expert fund administrators will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Cornelis Batten Realfin fund administration CEO

Cornelis Batten

Group CEO

Claire Carpenter Realfin fund administration MD

Claire Carpenter

Group MD

Bianca Canary Realfin Fund Administraion Director and Group Compliance Officer

Bianca Canary

Director and Group Compliance Officer

Zandile Mtandeki Realfin Team Leader Hedge Funds

Zandile Mtandeki

Team Leader Hedge Funds

Kwandisa Matiwane Realfin Team Leader Hedge Funds

Kwandisa Matiwane

Team Leader Hedge Funds

Thomas Mailtand Realfin Team Leader Private Equity

Thomas Mailtand

Team Leader Private Equity

Marzanne Swanepoel Realfin fund administration Head of Client Services

Marzanne Swanepoel

Head of Client Services

Njabulo Vilakazi Realfin Head of Manco Hosting

Njabulo Vilakazi

Head of Manco

Shaneen Batten Realfin Group Financial Manager

Shaneen Batten

Group Financial Manager

Jessica Doherty Realfin

Jessica Doherty

Head of Endowment Policies

Complementary Consultation

Ready to take your funds to the next level? Book an appointment with a RealFin fund administrator today and we will support you to focus on developing more profitable funds!

Fund Administrator FAQs

The fund administrator is a third party service provider who is typically independent of the fund manager and looks after the interest of investors in the fund. The fund administrator values the securities and reconciles the bank accounts of the fund. The fund administrator is also responsible for calculating the fees of the fund and for processing of fund related payments.

Fund administration fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the fund net asset value. The fees are dependent upon a number factors including, size of the fund, complexity of the valuation of the securities of the fund and valuation frequency.

Transfer agency refers to independent processing and recording of investor transactions in a fund or security. Transfer agency also includes maintenance of investor registers and related investor reporting services, such as contract notes, investor statements, distribution notes and tax certificates.